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OPED (a German company) supports hospitals, health professionals, users and patients with its innovative treatment opportunities. With comprehensive after-care concepts, patients are looked after from the start of their medical care until their full recovery. The vision behind OPED – which was replacing the uncomfortable plaster cast with a light vacuum splint using vacuum technology - became reality in 1993, when the VACOped came onto the market. Since then, the product range has now been expanded to encompass an entire family of vacuum orthoses.

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Motion Is Medicine

DJO Global (a US company) is a leading orthopedic company and the largest orthopedic rehabilitation company offering over 1,000 medical devices (kneebraces, back braces, hand braces, ...) that can help people throughout the entire continuum of care - from injury prevention to rehabilitation.

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Burn and plastic surgery garments

Medical Z (a French-US company) offers a wide range of post-surgical medical compression garments (Zbra®, Lipo-Panty®, and Belts) offering strength and comfort for all post-surgery outcomes for patients and surgeons. Medical Z is a worldwide leader of compression garments for burn survivors and manufactures compression garments for plastic and reconstructive surgery since 1981. Medical Z® is the first manufacturer of post-surgical compression garments with the Lipo Panty introduced in 1989.

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Precision in fixation

Medartis (a Swiss-based company), is a leading manufacturer of medical devices for cranio-maxillofacial, plastic and hand surgery, as well as small bone orthopedic trauma surgery. With an orthopedic trauma heritage of more than 50 years, Medartis is committed to providing surgeons and operating room personnel with innovative implants, elegant instrumentation, and services that represent advances in bone fixation, thus improving patients’ quality of life.

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Promedionics is...

a distributor of innovative medical products to hospitals, health professionals and medical companies. The portfolio consists of products that can be used for trauma, esthetics and orthopedics.

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